Why it’s so important to have a balanced diet!

Did you know on average a person must consume approximately 2,000 calories every day, in order to maintain their current weight? However, this is dependent on factors such as a specific individuals age, gender, and daily exercise level.

Generally, men require more calories than women, and people who exercise need more calories than people who don’t.

This makes having a balanced diet extremely important.

Your tissues and organs need proper and consistent nutrition to work effectively.

Furthermore, without a proper nutritious diet, you’re more likely to contract various diseases, infections, become fatigued, and overall not perform at your highest level.

It’s also important to understand that children with a poor diet run the risk of growth and developmental problems, which often lead to a poor academic performance. This is a very common problem in today’s world, due to the time constraints that many parents face. Fortunately, companies such as Healthee Kitchen are solving this increasingly troubling problem through their Performance Food plans. As the best healthy food delivery in Toronto,  Healthee serves healthy meals to your doorstep.

So what is a balanced diet?

Well, it should consist of foods that are low in unnecessary fats and sugars and high in vitamins, minerals. Having a good mix of foods groups such as fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, dairy, and oils is also very important, due to the diverse benefits that they provide.

Furthermore, to achieve a balanced diet, it is important to have at least three meals a day, which consist of the mentioned food groups. Portion sizes should also be moderated in order to control calorie intake.

This may seem like a lot of work, however, the importance of eating in a healthy and balanced way shouldn’t be under looked. If you would like someone else to handle all of this for you, so you have more time to spend doing what you love, then check out Performance Food!

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