How to Eat Like a Winter Olympic Athlete with a 1300 Calories Meal Plan

Almost half of Canadians like to change food recipes to make them healthier by looking at reducing the fat content or adding more fruits and vegetables. Whether it’s to avoid chronic illnesses or excess weight, maintain body figures or lose some extra pounds, more and more Canadians are paying extra attention when it comes to planning meals.

A nutritionally balanced meal plan that can not only keep someone in shape but also be successful in losing weight. A 1,300-calorie meal plan has been proven to be an extremely popular choice in offering all essential nutrients and plenty of energy resource. Nutritionists all over the world are backing this up.

An in-depth article into the diets of Winter Olympic Games athletes and their dietary recommendations, sports nutritionists reveal how they correctly calibrate the number of calories by calculating how hard athletes are training and how much energy they need to burn.  A ski jumper requires a diet of 1,300 calories. Which makes sense considering the lighter the individual, the higher the jump. However, these sportspeople undergo intense training and by following such a meal plan, they get results and they keep healthy.

One of the barriers many people face in managing to appropriately plan their breakfast, lunch and dinner lies within the hectic, busy schedules combined with the extra effort that needs to be put in. This is exactly why having the schedule and the right ingredients in the right quantities is something more and more people are longing for. Luckily, there is a solution for this.

Meal-kit businesses are an innovation in the food industry and have taken consumers aback every since they boomed in 2014. For those who haven’t come across them so far, a meal-kit service offers ready-to-prepare dishes for every day of the week typically known for being easy to cook while maintaining the nutritional value and without compromising taste. As weight loss diets they work like miracles coming in pre-portioned ingredients and instructions. It’s no wonder the demand for them has doubled among Canadians since 2014.

The average 2-week 1,300 calorie meal plan includes a variety of mouth-watering recipes, such as oven baked salmon with assorted vegetables, bell peppers stuffed with ground chicken, spinach meatloaf or beef stew among others. The carefully built plan also includes 2 snacks per day which can vary from fruits to yoghurts or nut bars. Losing weight doesn’t have to be an excruciating strenuous task and diets shouldn’t be tied down to tasteless boiled chicken, salads and the constant cravings. Complemented with just the right amount of physical activity, 1,300 calories per day is what everyone aiming to get in shape or stay in shape should aim for. If a Winter Olympian follows the rule and with successful outcomes, the meal plan might just be the solution many have been seeking.

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