Healthy Dinner Meals

Healthy Dinner Meals

Come home to healthy meals for dinner delivered right to your door! Healthee Meals’s healthy dinner meals subscription plans make it easy to get nutritious, filling meals even on those days when you come home with no time or energy to cook. With our menu of classic, gourmet, international and kid friendly healthy meals for dinner, we make it possible to get food you’ll love while saving you time and money!

What Makes Healthee Meals’s Healthy Dinner Meals Better?

Convenience: Healthee Meals healthy meals for dinner offer the ultimate in convenience with our subscription plan options. Delivered right to your door, our gourmet meals are packed in our patented stay-fresh trays stay stay perfectly fresh for up to 45 days in your fridge without chemicals, preservatives or freezing! This also makes them perfect to take to school or to the office to help avoid filling up on junk food.

Better Nutrition: Because our stay-fresh system keeps our meals fresh and delicious, we can leave out empty calories and questionable ingredients like preservatives. We also structure our healthy dinner meals around lean proteins, good fats and complex carbohydrates paired with exceptional spices to give you a better dining experience.

Time and Cost Savings: With our meal plan subscriptions you get to save time and money. With healthy meals for dinner delivered to your home. You can also reduce your grocery shopping time and cooking time along with the time it takes to clean up your kitchen.

Superior Variety: Healthee Meals knows the best way to stay on track with your eating habits is to ensure you have plenty of healthy options to choose from. This is why we strive to not only keep our classic meals on our menu but also innovate and inspire with seasonal fare, international cuisine and more.

Choosing Your Healthy Meals for Dinner

As the best healthy food delivery in Toronto,  Healthee Meals makes it simple to choose healthy meals for dinner with our tantalizing menu options. Simply fill up your cart with healthy dinner meals then choose your delivery options. Whether you want just a few meals to test out the service or you want a regular daily or weekly subscription, we have you covered!

For any questions about our healthy meals for dinner and subscription options, please feel free to contact us  or call 866-227-3810 to speak with a knowledgeable representative.

Choose Your Meals Package

According to your need
Select a healthy eating meal package from our wide variety of menus to get started on your journey to better health! All of our healthy meal packages are created by a nutritionist and a personal trainer, meaning that each meal is perfectly balanced, and each package as a whole is designed to deliver targeted training results using the science of sports nutrition. Whether you want to build muscle or lose fat, a ActivEats healthy eating meal package will get you there, naturally.