Almost Half of Canadians’ Daily Caloric Intake Comes From Ultra-Processed Foods

A simple walk around any food aisle from the local supermarket or grocery store will leave anyone stunned with the amount of ultra-processed foods they can find on shelves. From ready-to-eat products like potato chips and cookies to complete, frozen dinners and instant soups and pasta, these foods are the busy Canadian’s worst trap. In an effort to find something quick and somewhat tasty to eat, adults end up getting 48.3% of their calories from unhealthy sources. The risks associated with this are enormous: diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even death.

Current recommendations suggest that men should eat 2,500 calories a day, and women about 2,000. However, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is for this intake to come from a healthy balanced diet made of fresh foods that have much of what our bodies need – protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately the last 70 years have seen a shocking increase in family food purchases of ultra-processed foods, from a mere 24% to 54%. It’s also a case of an overflow of products each with their own marketing selling point screaming at consumers to buy them. Too many choices and not enough time to read every Nutrition Facts table on the back.

This situation has propelled Canada to be the second largest buyer of ultra-processed foods and drinks, surpassed only by the United States, making it increasingly difficult to find a way around them. And we’ve all been there at least once in our lives, but at what cost? The internal body damage done is not visible right away and much like the famous analogy of shiny, bright apple on the surface which when turned reveals its rotten inside.

In an effort to tackle this issue and also offer a healthy alternative, Canadian companies such as Healthee Kitchen have the answer. The concept is built around carefully planning meals destined for weight loss or simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The 2,500 calorie meal plan is expertly crafted to help build lean muscle and burn excess body fat, while keeping a healthy caloric intake. A flexible ordering system allows people to pick whatever suits them best, whether it’s a delicious chicken burger or a vegetarian meal of rice noodles and veggies. Eating healthy has never been easier with plans that keeps energy levels at their peak throughout the day, every day. The recipes themselves are easy to understand and follow even for those who don’t really know their way around the kitchen. And this is what makes the service special: it has been constructed to fit anyone’s needs and lifestyles, without adding an extra burden.

As modern life becomes even more hectic, it is essential for everyone to have access to freshly made meals from real food. Specialists recommend cooking from scratch with proper ingredients for every Canadian that aims to keep themselves and their families as healthy as possible.

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