2000 Calorie Meal Package

2000 Calorie Meal Plans

Healthee Meals’s 2000 calorie meal plans help you meet your weight loss and maintenance goals with easy, convenient portion control and cost-saving subscription plans.

Who Should Eat 2000 Calorie Meal Plans?

2000 calorie meal plans work for a variety of people and diets and are one of the most common diet plans for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy weight. In fact, 2000 calorie meals are what daily values are calculated by on packages. When you see percentages on labels, such as 18% carbs, that means the food you’re looking at, contains 18% of the carbs you need in 2000 calorie meal plans.

If you are trying to eat better but don’t have spec weight loss or muscle gain goals in mind, 2000 calorie meal plans are a good place to start.  A variety of factors will determine if this is the right plan for you though. Some people, especially younger men and anyone who is significantly overweight may even see weight loss with 2000 calorie meals.

Benefits of Healthee Meals 2000 Calorie Meal Plans

Portion Control: One of the biggest benefits of Healthee Meals 2000 calorie meals is our easy portion control. Staying within your calorie requirements can be difficult when you have to measure and count everything yourself, but with our 2000 calorie meals, you get easy to understand and detailed nutritional information about calories, fats, protein, sodium and more.

Convenience: As the best healthy food delivery in Toronto,  Healthee Meals 2000 calorie meal plans are the ultimate in convenience. Not only do we ship healthy meals right to your home, our meals are kept fresh with our patented vacuum seal which keeps food from spoilage for up to 45 days. Our variety of customizable 2000 calorie meal plans and subscription options also make your diet easier.

Better Nutrition: Because of our stay-fresh seal, Healthee Meals meals are able to stay fresh in your fridge without preservatives, chemicals, or freezing! We start with wholesome ingredients with no empty calories and all the flavor you want and that’s exactly what you get delivered to your home.

Getting Started with Healthee Meals 2000 Calorie Meal Plans

Getting started is fast and simple. Start by browsing our menu of nutritious meals and select your options based on our detailed calorie counts. For additional questions about subscription plans and diet plan options, we encourage you to contact us or call 866-227-3810.