1200 Calorie Meal Plans and Who They Work For

Increase your weight loss in a healthy way with Healthee’s 1200 calorie meal plans. As the best healthy food delivery in Toronto,  our 1200 calorie meal plans provide you with all the vitamins, protein and fiber you need to maintain your health while meeting your weight loss goals!

Who are 1200 Calorie Meal Plans Good For?

Your calorie needs are determined by several factors including your age, gender, physical activity level, and weight loss or maintenance goals. 1200 calorie meal plans are one of the most common and effective calorie based diet solutions for many people.

For many people, especially women, 1200 calorie meal plans are close to 500 calories less than you would normally need to simply maintain weight. By consistently eating 500 calories less than you need for maintenance each day, you can expect to lose around a pound a week without any additional exercise.

Why Not Reduce Calories Further?

While a pound a week might not sound like much, for most people this is an extremely healthy rate at which to lose weight. Losing any faster than this can cause a variety of problems including making you feel deprived and forcing your body into starvation mode where your metabolism begins to slow down.

There are exceptions to this, for example, when you need to lose weight rapidly to avoid other health complications associated with obesity or if you are already a smaller, inactive person who will require less calories. If your doctor has recommended this, Healthee Meals also offers 1000 calorie meal plans.

Staying Healthy on Healthee Meals 1200 Calorie Meal Plans

It is possible to eat healthfully and stay satisfied on 1200 calorie meals when you eat the right things. With Healthee’s 1200 calorie meal plans, we perfectly portion our meals, so you don’t have to waste time measuring or cooking your food while getting the guarantee of proper nutrition. We use whole ingredients with fiber, protein, and good fats to ensure the calories you consume will help nourish your body and aid your weight goals.

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