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Fresh and delicious healthy meal plans with free delivery to your door every day!

Healthy Meal Plans

Healthy Meal Plans Delivery by Healthee Kitchen eliminate the hard work from healthy eating with the best service in healthy food delivery Toronto has to offer!

Our team of professionals will do all the hard work of counting calories, planning and preparing all of your meals, saving you the time and effort you need to focus on hitting your goals. Simply choose your meal plan, then sit back and wait for it to arrive at your door. Toronto food delivery has never been easier!

How It Works

Healthee Kitchen has the revolution in food delivery Toronto has been waiting for! It really couldn’t be easier to get started with a new healthy diet thanks to our fantastic online ordering system. We have a range of different menus available for you to choose from, each one tailored to very specific goals. Take a look through the choices and find the right one for you. Once you’ve done that, it’s really as simple and straightforward as telling us where you live and then paying for your order. Our team of professionals will get to work as soon as the order comes through to us and the very next day your order will arrive at your door! If you live a busy life in Toronto food delivery may be a tricky thing to organize. Solve that problem by subscribing to Healthee Kitchen and arranging for your orders to arrive whenever is most convenient for you!

Choose Your Meal Plan

Choose the diet that suits your nutrition goal. Review the menu on the’ Menu’ page that includes current and upcoming week menu.

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Order Online

When you are ready to proceed go to ‘Online Order’ page. Our flexible and convenient ordering system will allow you to order your meals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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Your order should be submitted at least 1 day in advance. It will be freshly prepared by our chef and delivered to your door between 7PM and 11:59PM the next day so you can start enjoying Healthee food right from the following morning. We can give cooler bag straight in your hands or leave it in front of your house door. If you live in a condo or apartment building we will buzz or call. If we are not able to reach you special arrangements should be made with concierge or superintendent. We are dedicated to finding best possible option for you. ​ *special arrangements can be made for subscription customers

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Healthy, Fresh Meals!

Our team at Healthee has designed, reviewed and perfected three distinct meal plans for your specific body and lifestyle. While our team of professionals ensures every plate provides you with the essential nutrients and calories you need to meet your goals, our fast delivery service guarantees you save time in the kitchen so you can get back to life.

We do the cooking, cleaning and calorie-counting and you get the results, making Healthee the best food delivery Toronto has to offer. Check out our options to see which one is right for you!

How Healthy Meal Delivery Works

Healthy Food

You’ve heard it said, “abs are made in the kitchen”, or, “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet”. Well, it’s true. In order to get results from your fitness regime you need to be eating right, but eating right can be a confusing challenge. There are a ton of fad diets and supplements that claim to change your life, and a multitude of products that are marketed as “healthy” when really they are anything but. On top of this, meal prep and planning is something that many people don’t have time for. We all lead busy lives that often leave us prioritizing convenience over health when it comes to what we eat.

Healthy Meal Plans (delivery)

Toronto`s Best Healthy Meal Plans

Our Benefits

why sports healthy meal plans
Knock cooking off your to-do list with healthy meal packages from Healthee Kitchen and start reaping the benefits of exercising and maintaining a balanced diet. These include not only higher energy levels and improved physical fitness, but better mental health and reduced stress as well! Wave grocery store lines and washing dishes goodbye with Healthee Kitchen – save time, train harder, feel great, and look better with our premade meals.

“Fresh and delicious healthy meal plans with free delivery to your door every day!”

Food is one of life’s greatest indulgences, so eating right shouldn’t come at the expense of eating well. If you’re embarking on your journey to personal fitness with Healthee Kitchen, you can rest assured knowing you’ll never have to compromise an enjoyable meal for a wholesome one! Our experts craft beautifully balanced packages which offer nutrition and flavour both wrapped into one compact, microwavable box.

Healthe Kitchen aims not only to assist you in your weight loss goals but facilitate building better habits by ensuring you love what you’re eating too! Forget the hassle of food shopping, planning and preparing your meals, and the cleaning the aftermath of a day spent cooking. Enjoy stress-free meals with Healthee Kitchen!

It should come as no surprise that there’s no magic pill or secret juice recipe that will instantaneously transform your body to look like your favourite Instagram model. When it comes to fitness, any lifestyle change that is unsupported by a consistent, nutritious diet and regular exercise will fail. Forget about the fad diets – improving your physique requires a balance of routinely eating healthy and working out.

Our specialists plan and prepare your meals to perfection, such that every package meets all your dietary needs. At Healthee Kitchen, we also work to make nutrition available to everybody – no matter their restrictions. That’s why we are currently developing vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free substitutes as well!

Serving Toronto & The GTA


When you choose Healthee Kitchen, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be getting the best meal delivery service Toronto has to offer!Our next-day delivery system spans across the entire GTA, including:

At Healthee Kitchen, it is our highest priority to simplify Torontonians’ busy lives with doorstop healthy meal delivery. Place your order online or by phone today, and let us take care of all the rest.

If you’re looking for speedy, reliable meal delivery in Mississauga – search no further. Choose your meal package online or contact us to place your order today!

Forget the hassle of shopping, cooking, and cleaning. For the best meal prep and delivery in Vaughan, contact Healthee Kitchen.

Make more time in your day for the things that really matter – choose Healthee Kitchen for premier meal delivery service in Woodbridge, so you never have to worry about preparing your food again!

Save yourself the time and effort of planning and preparing your meals. Contact Healthee Kitchen for Brampton meal delivery.

With Healthee Kitchen, you can rest easy knowing your nutritiously balanced meal package will arrive right at your doorstep. For hassle-free Markham meal delivery service, choose Healthee Kitchen today.

Healthee Kitchen is proud to provide top-tier meal delivery service in the Thornhill area.  Place your order today for next-day delivery, and begin your Healthee journey as early as tomorrow!